Hajj 2018

Qalam Institute is partnering with Dar El Salam (DST) to provide you with an all-encompassing Hajj program, insha'Allah. The program will be led by some of our qualified and reputable scholars who will act as spiritual guides and mentors throughout the trip. 

We'll begin our journey in Makkah where Hujjaj perform Umrah upon their arrival and then rest and enjoy their stay in front of the Haram. Afterwards, we'll proceed to the Manasik of Hajj to Mena and Arafat. DST provides exclusive, air-conditioned Mena Camps directly in front of the Jamaraat where the Hujjaj will stay during the Manasik of Hajj.  After completing the rites of Hajj, the group will visit Madinah staying at a hotel directly in front of Masjid An-Nabawi.









*Flights from other gateways including, DC, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles may be available however, additional charges MAY apply.


Hotel Accommodations

4 Nights: Hyatt Regency
4 Nights: Manasik of Hajj
                Super Deluxe Mena Camp (in front of Jamarat)
                Super Deluxe DST Arafat Camp
                Private DST Space Muzdalifah
4 Nights: Madinah Hilton Hotel



Breakfast and dinner buffets will be provided in the 5-star hotels
Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets will be provided in Mena 
Breakfast and lunch will be provided in Arafat


Hajj Program Pricing

Quad Room:           $11,900/pp
Triple Room:           $12,600/pp
Double Room:        $13,500/pp



Going for the learning experience is enough of a reason to go with Qalam since the scholars add a whole other dimension to the experience. You not only learn about Hajj, but also so much about Islam that you might not have known before.
— Sadia P. (Richmond, VA)
The scholars of our group went above and beyond our expectations. They created a family like environment for a group of 40+ strangers. Not only were they always available to guide us and address our needs, they also prioritized everyone else’s comfort and concerns above their own.
— Rahila and Adnan (Dubai)
A very vivid memory we have is doing tawaf with Mufti Hussain Kamani - He saw a woman struggling with pushing a wheelchair and took over despite him having a bad back. Inspired, we decided to take his place a few rounds in. When the woman realized we were from the same group she began to cry and make dua for all of us.
— Iffat and Ishaq (Louisville, KY)
The scholars that we went with all are extremely knowledgeable and in tune with the problems we face as individuals and communities. They were extremely accessible, and I loved being able to ask them any and all kinds of questions, before, during and after Hajj, even to this day.
— Abrar P. (Austin, TX)